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Connecting multiple devices with repeater mode

One of the main reasons people travel with our GL.iNet travel routers is for connecting to hotel, airport or cafe public Wi-Fi, so the other wireless devices can stay connected at the same time. Thanks to our user @Justin Reviews and Repairs, he provides a detailed video by using Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) on how to setting up wireless repeater to hotel hotspot with GL.iNet travel routers:

Another user @DavesGarage also provides a dedicated video by using Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) as an example on what a pocket router, or travel router, is and why you need one in your life:  

GL.iNet travel routers can connect multiple devices wirelessly, and some of them can connect up to 100 devices at the same time, such as Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) and Beryl AX (GL-MT3000). If you want to find out which is best for you, you can compare our dual-band wirless travel routers here


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